The SaaS Website Quality Management platform for enterprise websites.

The SaaS Website Quality Management platform
 for enterprise websites

Optimise websites

Optimise websites

Quality & compliance

Complete coverage of all areas of online compliance, including: accessibility, usability, SEO, mobile web and legal standards.

Asset inventory

Manage your content more effectively with our flexible range of asset inventory reports.

Content insight

Get deep visibility into your unstructured web content with ActiveStandards semantic reports.

Measure progress

Measure progress

Reports & analytics

All the metrics you need to evaluate the success of your governance strategies, target resources and drive improvements in performance.

Peer-group benchmarking

Find out how your company's compliance levels compare to the industry average.

Key Performance Indicators

Get deep strategic insight into the performance of your sites in key compliance areas, and track progress towards targets.

Access anywhere

Access anywhere

How ActiveStandards works

Learn more about how we set up and deliver the service.


Find out about the benefits of our SaaS approach to website governance.

Spectacular support

We're committed to making sure our clients get maximum, continuing value from our service.

1. What is it?

A fully hosted and managed SaaS solution for optimising website quality and compliance.

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2. How does it work?

Learn more about how we set up and deliver the service.

» How ActiveStandards works

3. Who’s it for?

Any organisation with a large or complex enterprise web presence.

Clients include leading brands such as Unilever, Shell, Rolls-Royce, Actavis, CSC and Alcatel-Lucent.

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4. Still not sure?

Still not sure if you’re ready for ActiveStandards? Take a look at our web governance checklist to evaluate your current systems and processes.

» Web governance checklist

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