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Venn Diagram showing Effectiveness at the intersection of Risk and Opportunity
“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.” Charles Darwin Internal digital risk – who knew? In my previous post , I outlined how the absence of digital governance within an organization can pose as great a potential risk as that caused by malicious attacks upon your online assets. But then, I found myself considering the larger topic of digital risk. Is the presence of risk always a bad thing? What is the counterpoint to risk within an
J. Boye ActiveStandards evaluation report
J. Boye vendor evaluation reports provide an unbiased, accessible and easy-to-use tool to evaluate whether a technology
Digital Governance Masterclass With Lisa Welchman and Kristina Podnar
Full-day, intensive masterclass with Lisa Welchman & Kristina Podnar Book Now - Early Bird Ends Aug 23 Many organizations have been operating online for 20 years and still don’t know who is really “in charge” of their online presence. That lack of
Cover image of Forrester report
This report outlines the key elements of a digital customer experience strategy, where it derives from, and how firms can get