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O'Reilly Webcast with Rosenfeld
Presented by Lisa Welchman , Hosted by Lou Rosenfeld Organizations spend a lot of time debating over who gets to make decisions about the nature of websites, apps, and content. Sometimes the debates are so fierce that organizations are almost at a standstill when it comes to digital development or they find that their organization is creating a cacophony of digital artifacts, a big dis-integrated mess that leaves users frustrated and sometimes leads to out and out business liability. Organizations like
Digital Governance Masterclass, With Lisa Welchman and Kristina Podnar
Full-day, intensive masterclass with Lisa Welchman & Kristina Podnar Many organizations have been operating online for 20 years and still don’t know who is really “in charge” of their online presence. That lack of clarity often slows the pace of
J. Boye ActiveStandards evaluation report
J. Boye vendor evaluation reports provide an unbiased, accessible and easy-to-use tool to evaluate whether a technology
A digital strategy articulates an organization’s approach to leveraging the capabilities of the Internet and the World Wide Web. A digital strategy has two facets: guiding principles and performance objectives. Guiding principles offer a qualitative set