Digital team

A digital team is the full set of resources required to keep the digital process functioning for your organization. A digital team includes not just the core product-focused teams found in marketing/communications and IT, but also the casual content contributors, business unit Web managers, supporting software vendors, and organizational agencies of record. Your digital team also includes those who administer and support digital efforts by tending to the programmatic aspects of the digital team, such as budget digital team resource development and management.

In order to have a handle on the digital team, an organization should be able to specify:

  • The location and role and budgeting source of the core digital team.
  • The location, roles, and budgeting source for the distributed digital team, which can include departmental Web managers, country Web managers, product-focused content contributors, and other satellite teams.
  • The authority, role, and budgeting source of any digital steering committees, councils, and working groups.
  • The identify of and budgeting source for the extended digital team, which includes agencies of record, software integrators, and other external vendor support.

Understanding these components and tuning them to support your organizational digital strategy is integral to optimized digital performance in an organization.