J. Boye ActiveStandards evaluation report

J. Boye Evaluation Report
Gerd Hultberg
Lead Analyst, J. Boye
July 30, 2015

ActiveStandards ranked the market leader in website governance and compliance by independent analysts, J. Boye.

J. Boye vendor evaluation reports provide an unbiased, accessible and easy-to-use tool to evaluate whether a technology solution would be the right choice for your targets and web presence objectives.

"What sets ActiveStandards apart is its enterprise-level capability for multi-site digital governance, incorporating a unique combination of error checking, digital asset management (inventory) and content insight, together with advanced analytics and KPI reports.

These capabilities, underpinned by digital governance consulting, differentiate ActiveStandards from alternatives in the market, by providing an end-to-end solution tailored to global enterprises."

Included in the report:

  • Solution fact sheet and analysis
  • Benchmark against five current market trends in the digital governance market
  • Interviews with current clients and partners
  • Evaluation and recommendations